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Entrance Reception at GMHS’ Kindred Place86 units
Entrance Reception at GMHS’ Kindred Place
86 units


 Joffre Pomerleau

As President, CEO and the most experienced Senior Development Manager of IHCI, Joffre is specifically involved in the up-front process of strategizing how a potential housing development can attain and maintain its capital financing and operational stage viability and to follow up on its development until financing and necessary legal and financial agreements are in place and construction is about to begin. A partial list of the tasks he undertakes to achieve this includes assisting the client at the beginning of a project’s re/development including program and concept development, site analyses, project feasibilities (financial and otherwise), co-ordinating the packaging of proposals to various funding agencies, etc. Joffre ensures that the contracts of IHCI’s clients are undertaken and completed to a high standard by providing back-up and, if needed, sustained resource support to the other staff in the organization. When applicable, he also development manages projects from initial (re)development to one year after occupancy. He also oversees the operations of IHCI. 

Joffre has been involved in the non-profit housing movement since 1972 when he first lived in a student housing co-op and served on its Board of Directors and Committees. In the mid-70’s, he co-ordinated the development of co-op housing in an Ottawa neighbourhood and along with colleagues developed and lived in Ottawa’s first equity housing co-op. Since 1978, he has worked in non-profit housing development consulting firms in Ottawa and Vancouver where he has dealt with the whole of the organizations’ management and development responsibilities. Joffre has also produced and directed two films on social housing, one an award winner.

Nola Tonkin

Nola has been involved with non-profit and co-operative housing since 1975.

Her work with IHCI since 2003 has been as one of our Development Managers as well as the Financial Manager. As a Development Manager she is responsible for ensuring our clients’ interests are well represented with government bodies, contractors and trades. This is achieved through the creation and maintenance of clear communication lines with all organizations involved in the development. She assists the society or co-operative with development managing all aspects of a project from the proposal stage to the construction deficiency completion stage.

Nola has had extensive experience (since 1992) in managing development, with particular expertise in managing complex government, legal, financial and construction elements during envelope restoration and renovations. Having dealt in depth with the difficult issues of housing security and community disruption caused by renovations, Nola has a particular understanding of the impact of these issues on residents.

Frm 1984 to 2013, Nola provided on-site co-ordination services to co-ops ranging in size from 23 to 94 units, with responsibility for the administrative, financial and maintenance management. She has long-term experience working with boards of directors, committees and residents of co-operatives and non-profits. Through facilicating effective communication, Nola has enabled communities and their leaders to offer better management and enhance

Johanna Suttor-Doerksen

Johanna is an Assistant Development Manager at IHCI. Her previous work experiences include Community Housing Director for Salsbury Community Society, where she took on leadership in facilitating the visioning, planning, design development and successful re-zoning application for a 26-unit affordable social housing project; and Community Justice Initiatives Association, where she was responsible for connecting some of the most marginalized youth in Surrey and Langley with resources and mentors. Through these experiences Johanna has gained extensive skills in communication, facilitation and organizational management. Johanna holds a BA in Conflict Transformation Studies.

Associate Consultant

Alice Sundberg

Alice Sundberg is a housing and community development consultant who has also provided the services of a Development Manager. Alice has been involved in social housing advocacy, education and development since 1981, including 16 years as a Development Consultant for co-op and non-profit housing, and 11 years as the Executive Director of the BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA). While at Innovative Housing Society (1981 – 1996), she participated in the full range of activities in the development of non-profit and co-operative housing. She initiated and coordinated the planning and building of social housing developments, trained and educated co-op members, boards of directors and staff of non-profit housing societies and co-operatives. She led the management team in strategic planning, organizational and professional development and public and government relations. At BCNPHA (1996 – 2007), she grew the Association and its membership and oversaw the delivery of conferences, education and training, communication and investment programs. Strategic alliances were developed with health and social service agencies, as well as private sector housing, health, and related industries. Alice created strong and lasting relationships with government, both provincial and federal, maintaining positive contacts at the political and senior staff level.

Alice has been an adult educator since 1987, facilitating community consultations and workshops, leading strategic planning sessions, and delivering co-op and non-profit housing orientation and training sessions. Alice received the Provincial Instructor Diploma from the BC School of Instructional Development in 2006. She was the recipient in 2007 of CHRA’s Graham Emslie Award for Creating Homes and Communities. In 2010, she was the recipient of the BC Non-Profit Housing Association’s Denise LeBlond Memorial Award.

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